Friday, July 17, 2009

Halfway There!

Holy cow! Two blogs in one week! I must be bored at work. LOL!

So, today marks the halfway point for boot camp. I have successfully made it on time (at 6am) and all the way through 6 classes. I almost missed my alarm this morning though. Woops! It has not been easy. I definitely have to talk crap to myself in my head. The whole, "you're doing great, you can do it!" doesn't work on yourself. It's more like, "Don't be a p#$$4, you can do this. Some of these people are twice your age." No offense to those people. LOL!

Due to situations beyond her control, my partner in crime through this process has missed the entire week. Except for Monday when she was just "too tired". I could have forgiven her for that because when I woke up that morning and saw her text, I almost went back to bed myself. But I would have only been cheating myself. So, I went. And I have been regretting it ever since. Let me tell you, if I can remember, what Monday's workout entailed:

-2 warm up laps
-dynamic warmup (some different drills to get certain muscle groups warmed up)
-plank for two minutes
-A circuit that included doing a squat/bicep curl with 8lb weights simultaneously (10 reps), followed by 30 yards of walking lunges, 10 push-ups, 30 yards walking lunges back. Repeat again at reps 9, and so on, all the way down to 1.
-The rest of the workout is pretty much a blur, but it probably involved some upper body stuff with a resistance band and then some more core work.

If you did the math correctly, you would have realized that 60 yards of walking lunges, ten times, equals 600 yards of lunges. For those of you like me, who are bad with distance, that's 6 FOOTBALL FIELDS!!!!! By the end of that day, I was feeling tight. The next morning was a little worse. By lunch time, I could barely walk. All of those things that we take for granted like getting in and out of a chair or going to the bathroom, even steering with your knee, inflicted great amounts of pain. That night, walking up the stairs was difficult, but didn't hurt nearly as bad as having to walk down them the next morning. I had several questions from coworkers about the way I was hobbling around the office, and my boss told me, "You're too young to walk that old."

I can honestly say that in all of my years of dancing and working out (with or without a trainer) I have never been that sore. Everything from the waist down was sore and tight, but my quads felt it the most. When I would try to walk, I thought my knees were going to hyper-extend because of the fact that my muscles could not support them properly. My roommate used the example of the blow-up guys you see at the state fair or the car dealerships with their unstable limbs flailing about. That was me, flailing about down the hallway at work. Somehow I made it through the workout on Wednesday, and was very grateful when we were working different muscle groups. Today's workout was a little easier in that aspect, but still tough. Especially when she had us doing more lunges and some other squatting exercises. I can still feel the tightness, but it is now down to the level that I am used to experiencing from a tough workout.

I hate getting up early. With a passion. I really dislike levels of exertion beyond my comfort zone, and I hate losing a challenge. So, why the hell am I doing this? Well, to see if I can, for one. And then to say that I did. I am a lot tougher than I give myself credit for and I am proud of myself for making it through every one of these godforsaken boot camp classes. It helps knowing that I am motivating others as well and JB is being really supportive and encouraging.

I made it halfway, so I know I can make it the rest. I will try to start posting the workouts from each day, but sometimes, my mind is just jello by the time I get out of there let alone the end of the day.

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Keep up the work.

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