Monday, December 27, 2010

6 More Months!!!

The countdown continues! Six months from yesterday I will be Mrs. JB! I don't think I have ever typed that before and I kinda liked it. LOL! I read stuff like this on other people's blogs all the time, but I have never really thought of it like that for myself. Yikes!
  • We have the cake taken care of for the most part.
  • We have our venue and should be getting the menu info in the next week or so to pick out food.
  • Linens/chair covers have been ordered
  • I have ordered my dress which should be here in March.
  • The bridesmaid dresses were ordered last week and should be here in March as well.
  • We booked the photographer - Engagement session in a couple of weeks, weather pending
  • We booked the videographer
  • The invitations have been designed, but we are waiting for the meal info to include on the response cards.
  • Place cards are being done by the invitation designer
  • Ordered the guestbook
  • Seating chart is done - pending revisions for RSVPs
  • Flowers have been selected, but still waiting on another bid before we sign a contract
  • Centerpieces selected
  • Cake Topper should be here in a week or so
  • Day of hair/makeup artist selected aka MOH
  • We have ideas for the rehearsal dinner, but nothing solidified
There are a lot of little things left to do like shoes and accessories, gifts, etc. For the major players, we still need to get a DJ and some menswear. JB and I both have our bach parties planned for the most part and I also booked a tentative shower date with the ladies. Also, we need to book the travel and accomodations for the honeymoon which is really stressing me out. I don't think we will wait much longer than Jan/Feb to book that stuff. We are hoping that the flight prices go down a little bit after the new year. Fingers crossed!

If I can remember when I get home, I will scan a copy of our save the date card for your viewing pleasure.

With only six months to go, this also means it's time to get back on the fitness train (that's a play on words, get it?). I started yesterday morning with a great workout that was kind of out of the norm for me. The warmup was actually more challenging that the workout itself. I am feeling it today, that's for sure. I can barely lift my arms and my calves are really tight. I love it.

I have a lot of different ways planned to bring the fitness back into my life and I am really excited about it. The hardest part is really getting my clean eating back on point. In the long run, that is what is going to help me the most. I need to be honest with myself about what is going on my plate. Gotta keep it real.

Some of the new things I will be doing, I am going to post here, so stay tuned!

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