Sunday, June 6, 2010

What, More School?!?

Yes, but this time it's for fun.

Somewhere in the middle of the Spring semester, I decided to go online and check out what classes Folsom Lake College had to offer. The campus is right down the street from my office and I thought they might have a dance class I could take. I have been dying to get back to dancing, but I simply cannot afford to dance at a studio. One class a week is like $80/month!

I didn't think I would have any luck with the dance class schedules because I know from past experiences that most of those classes take place in the middle of the day. To my surprise, I found a ballet class at 5:30pm two nights a week for an hour and 20 minutes. Since it's so close to the office, I shouldn't have a problem making it on time, and I will still be home in time for dinner, yay! The best part, it's only $26 for the entire 18 week semester!!!

From what I can tell it's a beginning ballet class, but that is fine with me. When I danced all those years before, most of my training was jazz and hip hop, so I missed the fundamentals of ballet. I will be happy to learn them all over again from the beginning and get some dance in my life twice a week. Maybe I can even get flexible again.

I am also going to start taking some nutrition classes since I have become more interested in food and nutrition with working out. I initially signed up for a summer class, but realized that an hour and 20 minutes twice a week would be better than three hours twice a week. And since it's just for personal interest, I can do it whenever I want. JB mentioned something about becoming a Nutritionist, but we'll see how I like the first class and go from there...

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