Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just Like Riding A Bike

It has literally been years since I have ridden a bike. So when my friend suggested we ride bikes (I could borrow her friend's bike) to the store to get the makings for dinner, I was slightly terrified. But, you have to get back on sometime, right?

Off we went, travelling from L & 22nd streets to R & 16th streets in rush hour downtown traffic. I was so tense that my arms were shaking, which made steering difficult at first. I told myself to relax and was eventually able to enjoy the wind in my hair. I made it there and back without crashing or injuring myself and immediately sent JB a text asking him if I could have a bike now.

Here is a pic of the bike:

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Jamie Pickle said...

I went on my first bike ride for the summer yesterday. I bought a bike last summer and love it!

Mrs. Awesome said...

Jeff and I got ours at They have tons of different colors. You should totally get one...SUPER FUN!!!!

elle said...

my bikes are locked in the basement and i'm too lazy to remember the combination to the lock.
i'll walk next to you though.
way to be a block from my house without me knowing it, btw!

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