Thursday, August 2, 2012

Inspire Me: Healthy!

All In My Twenties

Today I am linking up with the infamous Raven and Kristen for Inspire Me: Healthy. 

For those of you that read my blog regularly, you know I am a bit of a fitness enthusiast.  With my sporadic and inconsistent Fitness Friday posts, how could you NOT know? 

For those of you stopping by from the link up, WELCOME!  I have been known to be a bit of a Groupon boot camp whore in the past, always looking for something to get/keep me motivated at a low cost.  I recently posted about my current fitness obsession, BodyRockTV.  It's fast AND free, and you can do it at home, so what's not to love?

I have been doing the workouts here and there, but I have a trip to LA and a trip to Vegas both scheduled in September, so it's time to kick it into high gear.  This link-up is just what I need to keep me honest and on my game.

Last year I started the Live Fit Trainer in late August.  I did the first two months and then got bogged down with work and didn't finish the third and final month.  I maintained the same weight throughout the program, but my body composition changed and I got much stronger.  As soon as I stopped working out, I dropped 10 lbs because all of the muscle I was no longer using decided to peace out.  I felt amazing though and I looked great!  Of course, that was in January when I wasn't even thinking about wearing a bathing suit yet.

Since I felt and looked great, I let my gym schedule fall by the wayside and started incorporated wine into more nights during the week, going to dinner with friends more, and eating more dessert.  Of course, I gained back that 10 lbs I lost right when bathing suit season was upon me.  Now I am doing everything in my power to get back to my happy place.

My husband is a fitness professional and with me also being pretty health conscious, we don't typically keep a lot of processed/junk foods in the house.  Our meals at home mostly consist of lean meat, whole grains, and fresh fruits and veggies.  This makes getting back on track easier, but getting motivated to work out is always difficult.
With the bodyrock workouts, I can get in a workout each day in under 20 minutes and then get on with my life.  It's great!  Not to mention, the workouts are all done at home with minimal or no equipment needed.  You can use stuff you have around the house if you don't have the equipment they are using.  They post new workouts a few times every week, do 30 day challenges pretty often and offer recipes and clean eating tips.  Their facebook page and website are so great, and they even have a smart phone app.  The bodyrock community is so amazing and supportive.  People post success stories all the time as well as their own tips and recipes.

I have gone back to being more strict about portion sizes and cut my alcohol intake back to once a week.  It's amazing how much less water I retain when I do that!  These tweaks coupled with the workouts will hopefully get me back to where I want to be in no time.  As for where I am now...

157 lbs

Good luck to all of you out there on this journey!  And thanks to Raven and Kristen for providing a forum for us to all support each other!


Alisa Marie said...

Love your post - I'm trying to get on the weight loss healthy eating band wagon as well! I just went to the gym for the first time on Tuesday and I'm so sore today, I remember what it feels like to workout and feel good again. Hopefully we can all keep ourselves motivated!

Good Luck!

PS - I'm also a new follower.

kristen said...

Good luck girlfriend!!

Love the pics! Excited to see the after! And the progression! I promise you will be happy you took them! I get so excited each week to see the change!!

Thanks for linking up!!


Anonymous said...

Great post! I found your blog via the link up! I'm hoping all of these posts will motivate me to get back at it as well. I love BodyRockTV!


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