Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Blast In A Glass From The Past

Bet you didn't think I would be back so soon...

I put these up on my FB the other day, but figured I couldn't rob you all of the awesomeness that is Breezy from back in that day (which was a Wednesday...)

Me and Broseph
How awesome is that wood paneling and the couch fabric?  Total vintage.  Upon seeing that I automatically smell cigarette smoke.  How cute was I cheesin' it up?  And I love that my brother is practicing his choke hold.  He always made random faces for the camera, but I was obviously a little ham.  And a bald ham at that.  Well, hams don't have hair, but you get what I am saying...

I love America
Way-Back Breezy was a gymnast.  After trying her hand at soccer and realizing she hated all that running, she ended up in gymnastics, which was right up her alley until they wanted her to start competing.  You see, Way-Back Breezy was scurred of the balance beam...and back handsprings...and the vault...and the high bars...

Me and Po
April got REALLY pissed at me for posting this on FB the other day.  I'm not quite sure how you can hate so much awesome, but she is really embarrassed by this picture now.  I mean, who wasn't all matchy matchy in their Bebe shirts and mom jeans back in the late 90s?  And who didn't have the Rachel haircut? 

That was my first car, the Breeburs.  My license plate said "Tonight I'm gonnna party like it's 1999" cuz that's the year I graduated.  See?  Awesome.  I had to ditch the license plate/frame when I got a new car because my car got attacked quite often back then and I didn't want people to continue doing that with my new car that I was actually paying for myself.  And 1999 wasn't the end of the world anymore. Duh.

SigEp/AXO Rock Star Mixer circa 2004 (?)
This is one of my favorite pics ever taken.  That night was so much fun (or so I'm told).  April did my hair/make-up and it was so far outside of my norm that I really felt like I was playing a different character.  All of my favorite people were at that party and there was lots of grain alcohol jungle juice to go around.  Ooooooohhhhhh college days, how I miss you so...

Hope you enjoyed a little trip down memory lane with me.  Happy Tuesday!!

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