Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: The Dress!

Don't worry, folks.  That is not my dress.  I wouldn't go blasting it all over the interwebs before the big day!  I do, however, have my dress in my possession.  I mentioned a few weeks ago that it had come into the store, but for some reason I was stalling on going in to try it on.  I finally went last Friday and...

It's WAY too big on me!

So, back in October when I tried the dress on and got measured for it, I was still taking birth control pills (which were not only making me nuts, but apparantly also making me gain weight).  The sample dress was a size 12 and fit perfectly aside from being a little snug on my "birthin" hips (as my step-dad calls them), so I thought it would be best to order a size 14.  Now, unlike most women, I did not freak out when I heard the number 14.  I understand that dress sizes are different than regular clothes sizes, and I am very comfortable knowing what my regular clothes size is.  So, 6 months ago, I ordered a 14.

Shortly after that I realized what the BC pills were doing to me, even though I have been on several different forms of BC over the past however many years and never noticed side effects from them, I decided to stop taking them and immediately dropped 5-10 lbs.  Not to mention I have also been in the gym going hard instead of going home since late January.  The combination of these two things = giant dress.

The lady at the dress shop that was helping me asked when my wedding date was (June 26th) and then acted like the alterations lady was going to be mad at me that I hadn't called yet to get on her schedule.  Well, guess what?  I called this morning and she doesn't even want me to come in until May 27th.  This kind of makes me nervous since everything I read says you should have your initial fitting 6 weeks out, but whatever.  This woman works closely with all the brides from my dress shop and from what the dress shop says, she is really good at what she does and fairly priced.

I will have to have it taken in a lot and hemmed, a lot.  I am also going to forgo the undergarment and just have her build a support system into the dress.  I sure hope these alterations don't break the bank.  I can't wait to try the dress on when it actually fits a glove.

Former brides:  Anything I need to know going into the initial dress fitting?


TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

Wear the shoes that you are wearing on your wedding day while you get fitted... they make us feel and stand differently :) That is fabulous, girl!! I am so excited for you!

Rissy said...

BC made me CRAZY when I first started taking it... literally standing in front of my best friend with tears running down my cheeks going "I'm crying yet I am not upset AT ALL!" I think I had just screamed bloody murder at my bf for awhile though for no reason... oops.

Even though that dress in the pic is A LOT of dress, I like it a lot. I am sure yours will be beautiful and fit perfectly! That lady sounds like a pro ; )


Anonymous said...

Good work losing weight! :) I'm still working on that motivation! hahahaha

As for the alterations, I bet she'll do great! I agree with Tracy - wear your shoes so you know EXACTLY how the dress will fit.

EEK! Exciting!

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons said...

Sewing in your bra to the dress shouldn't cost much. My lady threw it in for free b/c I was distressed over it. Milk the nervous bride act (ya know versus those crazy bridezilla girls that I know you are not!) and just be your super sweet self and maybe they can cut you a deal and make it fit perfecto! <3

But still def stand up for yourself!

ooh! and be careful with weight loss! I got so stressed the week before the wedding that I dropped crazy weight and my dress was a lil big on my wedding day. I fell out of it twice (only the photog saw) when my husband picked me up for photos and it was uber embarrassing! haha!

But don't stress a thing doll! the biggest thing is that you are getting married to your love and going to have a BLAST!!!! <3


Unknown said...

girl hubs and i were married june 27th 2 years ago :) we'll have almost identical anniversaries :)

can't wait to see THE dress!!

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