Friday, January 28, 2011

My Bro is a Star!

JB and I go to bed at 10, so we rarely catch the nightly news. Wednesday night we got sucked into the last hour of Idol and just happened to catch the first story on the news following the show. Basically some guy was all cracked out and running around in his underpants banging on the roofs of cars or something. Then we see this:

I squealed, "Oh my god, my brother!"

I may or may not have been a bottle of wine deep (let's just say I had a bad day at work).

JB and I were cracking up and discussing how Hollywood he looked. When we rewound it and watched it again we were like, "okay, ___, looking good!" I posted this on my FB and all my friends are like "OMG, he's so cute!"


So yeah, this was the second time in a week he flashed on the news and he has also been on an episode of COPS (he's always the good guy though, not the one they're after).

That's my bro. He's a real life super hero.

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